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  Tahini Twist

Taste our new, original Tahini line "Tahini twist"! It consists of tahini mixes, made out of our premium quality tahini, together with dry nuts pastes and honey. They are ideal as spreads for our breakfast, as a snack or as part of a sauce in our salad or cooking.

For those who need a morning energy boost or those who know about the healthy attributes of tahini but cannot consume it plain, Tahini Twist line is a tasty option rich in proteins and beneficial fat, which will please even a demanding consumer…

Available in three variants:

1) Tahini Twist with pistachio kernel and honey
A crispy texture and a premium taste offered by the pistachio, together with a light sweetness offered by the Greek honey

2) Tahini Twist with hazelnut, honey and natural Chios Mastic
Tahini blends harmoniously with hazelnut, while honey and a hint of natural Chios Mastic give it a delicate "Mediterranean character"

3) New! Tahini twist with cocoa, almond and honey
A nutritious spread for our kids' breakfast, and not only the kids…Cocoa lovers will appreciate its combination with our premium tahini, while the freshly roasted and crushed almond together with greek honey give it a surprising twist!

Pack type Packs per outer-case

glass jar 190gr 24 pcs/carton
All our products are exclusively produced and packed in our factory (38 Fragouli str, Kaminia Piraeus). Our company’s food safety management system is independently certified to ISO 22000.


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