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  Products - Tahini

Our tahini is of excellent quality, produced from the best and most expensive sesame of Sudan or Ethiopia. Unlike other companies using peeling equipment, it is produced in the traditional handmade way. In this way, the tahini produced is blonde and sweet, purified of any soil or other foreign materials. It preserves all its nutritional qualities and at the same time its taste is the best!
Compare Argoudelis tahini with any other. Its superior quality becomes obvious after the first spoonful. Its glowing color is a result of the best cleansing process that can be followed. Thus, sesame is separated from the soil which, if not extracted, can make tahini dark and bitter.

Pack type Packs per outer-case

Glass jar 350 gr. 12 p.
Plastic container 500 gr. 12 p.
Glass jar 700 gr. 12 p.
Plastic container 1.000 gr. 12 p.
Plastic container (wholesale) 4 Kgr  
Plastic container (wholesale) 10 Kgr  

 Tahini with greek honey

The 2 ingredients are separated when you buy the product, so that you can see the quality. Take a spoon and stir until you get a homogeneous mix. Just a little effort to get a special, pure product without additives.

Pack type Packs per outer-case

Glass jar 320 gr. 12 p.

 Tahini whole grain

Dark tahini produced out of whole grain sesame seeds. Rich in natural fibers and with a slightly spicier taste compared to our traditional blonde tahini.

Pack type Packs per outer-case

Glass jar 350 gr. 12 p.
All our products are exclusively produced and packed in our factory (38 Fragouli str, Kaminia Piraeus). Our company’s food safety management system is independently certified to ISO 22000.


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